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YS Series

Sprue Picker

IMM Range: 25T - 450T
Vertical Stroke - 450mm - 850mm

Typical applications may include:

  • Pick & dropping parts from tool to destination (boxes, bins, granulators etc).

  • Sprue separation and removal.

Standard Features


Spare input and output for linking to up/down stream equipment e.g conveyor indexing.

Handheld Controller

An easy to use, one key per function controller makes controlling an configuring the robot effortless and trouble free.

10 Teach Sequences

10 Teach sequences can be easily created using the simple Apex step by step program.


This model includes vacuum circuit with a basic End Arm Tooling kit to pick (suitable) mouldings as well as sprues.

Robot Rotation

Robot can be easily rotated away to allow unimpeded tool changes.

Reject Part Detection

Reject part detection, cycle count facility and quality control program as standard.

Specifications & Technical Info

YS Spec 1.png
YS Spec 2.png
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