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SC Series

3 Axis Servo Driven CNC Robot

Max Payload - 120kg
Traverse Range - 1710 - 3010mm

Typical applications may include:

  • Relocation of heavy payloads.

  • Pick & placing parts from tool to destination (conveyor, packaging, stacking, granulators , etc).

  • Repositioning parts in a tool for secondary moulding application.

  • Moving parts between stations in an automation cell.

Standard Features

Rigid Design

Due to its rigid design, this model is capable to moving heavy payloads with steady & precise accuracy.

Stack & Array

Each cycle can independently handle up to 9 stack areas each with individual stacking formats

3D Point-to-Point

3D path movements are used from point-to-point to allows for smoother movement across the track and a shorter cycle time.


The robot is provided with basic tooling components out of the box. This allows operators to begin using their new equipment immediately.

Technical Part Removal

This model is able to retrieve parts with complicated shapes and undercuts using unconventional curved movement paths.

Motor Accuracy

Equipped with brushless servo motors, each axis can operate within an accuracy tolerance of +/- 0.1mm.

Specifications & Technical Info

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