SA Series Beam Robot

The SA Series is the 'entry level' Apex beam robot – but that doesn't mean it is short on features or built to the same standard as all Apex robots. 

Whilst designed for pick and place applications the SA Series has many features meaning it can do ‘much more’ than that and as such, the range brings effective, efficient and reliable automation within the reach of every moulding shop.

Standard features include:

• Mitsubishi Servo drive to the ‘Z’ axis traverse beam for enhanced speed and accuracy

• Pneumatic drive to the Downstroke and Kick  Stroke - perfect for simple product removal and placement

• Accurate linear positioning (Z axis) to 0.1mm; perfect for  multiple position placement of product

• 10 standard programmes for quick set-up

• 10 teach programmes – each with up to 100 steps, with really simple programming

• 8 outputs and 5 inputs to connect to conveyors and any up or down stream automation

• Quick change End of Arm Tooling system as standard

• Additional Vacuum circuit and endless end of arm tooling options available

• Reject signal detection

• Part and quality counters programed as standard

• Wrist rotation for reorientation of parts before placement

• Option of either Euromap 12 or 67

Download Apex SA Series brochure Apex SA Series Beam Robot - reliable, productive and outstanding value for money